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We are beginning to gather together a variety of testimonials from our satisfied customers and they are as diverse as the range of money services we provide. Whether people want to peruse our pawnbrokers goods, quickly cash their cheques or withdraw an instant cash loan, our friendliness and professionalism always shine through. Stop by our pawnbrokers shop today and youll quickly understand why we drive so much repeat business and enjoy enormous levels of customer satisfaction!

We have visited Keeley Anns Pawnbrokers for a number of years now and we always manage to find that little something were looking for. We are always served with humour and manners -- we rarely need to go anywhere else!

Maxine and Amber -- Castle Bromwich

I cashed my cheque and it only cost me a fiver, wow! Much better than waiting 3 to 4 days for my cheques to clear at the bank. Brilliant!

Natasha -- Stechford

I introduced my friend to the pawnbrokers Cash A Cheque programme and got 15 cash in hand for the referral!

Jemma -- Stechford

I have used this pawnbrokers a few times in the past and I have always found the staff to be very helpful, cheerful and polite! Their prices on second hand jewellery are very fair.

Mark -- Shard End

I used Keeley Anns Pawnbrokers to cash my insurance cheque because they are a local business offering cheap, affordable rates. I trust these pawnbrokers; they are polite and helpful (and I dont trust the banks!).

Christopher -- Hodge Hill

I borrowed 20 on my phone when I was short of cash, and I got it back within a month for only 25! Brill service.

Darren -- Stechford

I use this pawnbrokers shop very often and find all staff to be very helpful and polite. I have never received a bad word from any of them and also find the shop to be very cheap and great value for money.

Tina -- Kitts Green

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